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Product Description
OMY LADY Amino Acid Handmade Soap
The flowers are made of dried flowers. The shape and color of the flowers vary according to the season batch, but it does not affect the use. Hope you can understand!

Product Name
OMY LADY Amino Acid Handmade Soap
Main Ingredient
Multiple amino acids; natural dry flower
Whiten skin;Reduce acne & sebum;Oil Control;Detox
80g/unit, packed with box
Our Advantages
PH value test is between 6~7, it is weakly acidic like human skin,;mild, anti-allergic and skin friendly
Jelly-like soap
Soap containing a lot of amino acids has a crystal clear appearance, with soft and elastic feel, like jelly.
Using Effects
Using tips:
It is recommended to use 5-7 times each week.
1. Put soap into the foaming net
2. Soak the soap with water
3. Gently rub to produce rich foam
4. Apply the foam evenly to the face and body to wash away dirt
Note the preservation matters:
1. Because it is handmade, the shape, weight and color will have a little error, which is normal.
2. Before unpacking: Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight. Handmade soap is without
preservatives don’t forget to use it when fresh.
3. After unpacking: handmade soap is not hardened, please place it on the water filter tray to keep it dry.
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Blue chrysanthemum, Love-in-a-mist (red), Hydrangea, Gold foil, Chamomile


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