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1. Ergonomics zero gravity, full cabin steel forging, LED white atmosphere lamp, appearance patent products. 2. Full cabin hidden wiring, humanized, high strength super fiber leather 3. After 200000 tests, 3D high carbon steel cabin frame and cabin frame adopt 3D integrated forming process to ensure the integrity of magnesium alloy fiber structure and streamline. The whole machine does not need welding. 4. Superfine fiber leather has strong tear resistance, high tensile strength, good folding resistance, and can bear 300 Jin. 5. Shark dorsal fin shape, breaking through the previous cockpit logic 6. RGB atmosphere lamp, custom color combination. 7. The cockpit is controlled by a group of buttons without complicated operation. It has a large keyboard holder and a large cup holder

***All our Compuer chair cockpit / workstaiton does not including monitors and PC.***
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63*37*66 inches




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