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Formulated with natural hemp leaf extracts grown in the plateau, combined with Arbutin, VC, Mulberry Extracts, etc., can effectively inhibit the formation of skin melanin, improve the problem of uneven skin tone. With long-term use, it can effectively remove freckles, sunburn and pregnancy spots, evenly brighten skin tone, and make the skin bright and delicate.
Product Name
OMY LADY Freckle Removal Cream
Main Ingredients
Natural hemp leaf extracts, Arbutin, VC, Mulberry Extracts, Nicotinamide
Accelerate skin repair and awake the skin

Inhibit the formation of skin melanin

Improve and brighten skin tone
Remove freckles, sunburn and pregnancy spots
50ml/pieces, packed with box
Effective for dermal spots, sunburn, freckles, chloasma, pregnancy spots, pigmentation

How long does it take to see result?

Day 14: Start to fade
Day 28: Fade by 1/3
After 2 moths: Basically fade away

*14 days to 2 months is the average time to see result, actual situation depends on personal skin condition.

Product Advantages

High content, high purity and better quality of CBD grown in Yunnan Plateau. Effectively remove acne, acne scars, pimples, blackheads, etc. Anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, remove scars, inhibit melanin, and evenly brighten skin tone. Improve sleep quality and slow down aging process

OMY LADY CBD Freckle Removal Cream

100% purity Yunnan plateau grown CBD.
Natural organic ingredients.
No side effect, no rebounding.
Vagen friendly formula.
Quick results
14 days to 2 months to get result.
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