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Product Description
feature: 1920 * 720p projection physical resolution 120% large color gamut 10-core 64-bit processor 4GB * 128GB storage Laser projector can project 100-inch giant screen Rear 16 million preset camera

Laser projection mobile phone details

Can project 100-inch giant screen

Laser projector mobile phones can let us enter the era of private cinema

More than 100 inches

The size of QU2 experience is determined by the distance between the projection medium and the mobile phone.

Smooth running experience

10-core 64-bit processor, in the case of meeting daily needs, the operation of high-consumption 3D mobile games can also run smoothly

Leave the real side of the world

Truth is the pursuit of QU2, gradually projecting it to restore the real world in a reasonable way.

The rear 16 million pixel camera tries to record the light and shadow, tones, space, and objects in the real world we see. There may be beauty and ugliness, but it is closer to reality.

120% large color gamut

The color gamut is the range of colors that a display device can display.The gamut coverage is the percentage of the color space that the human eye can recognize.The higher this percentage is on a display device, the better; the higher the percentage, the more colors the device displays.

The combined effect of laser projection and smart phone

high-brightness laser and projection without focusing, can create a new experience of large screen anytime, anywhere. In the future, consumer electronic products dominated by smart phones and wearable devices, combined with MEMS micro-laser projection technology, will achieve major breakthroughs in visual interaction functions and even realize new environmental remote sensing experiences. This may become a new trend.
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