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Product Description

OMY LADY® Skin Bleaching Cream
— Build pure white skin with natural pearl powder
Safe to use, no irritation

Expect for the regular one as shown in this photo, for OEM/ ODM/ private label clients, we have other bottle type choice available you can check the info down below.
And please note that the cost is for our regular one, for other choice our staff will quote you after learning your request.
Product Name
OMY LADY® Body Bleaching Cream
Main Ingredient
Arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C, natural pearl powder
Instant skin bleaching, lightening dark spot, even skin color, moisturize skin
100g per bottle, packed in paper box
Suitable for these conditions
OMY LADY Skin Bleaching Cream is suitable for conditions like:
OMY LADY Skin Bleaching Cream is suitable for conditions like:
Uneaven skin tone
Dry skin
Dark Complexion

It’s for whole body use, can be applied to face, arm, leg and back, including elbow and knee.

Products advatage
Product Advantages:
1. Formulated with natural ingredients

2. Give instant results
3. The cream is waterproof
4. The cream can whiten skin, moisturize skin, lighten dark spot, soften skin and even skin color.
Real feedback 
M***a: After using skin is not only white, but also soft, tender. I really like it!!!) the result, you will see in the photo


After skin cleaning or before going outside, apply the cream to the areas of the body as required, pat and gently message until be absorbed.

1. Do not apply to wounded or swelled skin areas.
2. Do not apply to private area.
3. If you find any irritations after applying the product, please stop using it and consult with medical personnel.
4. Please keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.
5. Please keep the product away from children.
6. This cream is not supposed to be left on skin overnight, wash it off before going to sleep. The cream is waterproof, use soap or show gel.
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