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Night Vision IP66 Waterproof Wireless 4CH 1080P 4 x 2.0MP WiFi Full HD CCTV Camera Manufacturer System





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All-in-one 4CH Wireless CCTV System with built-in 10.1″ Monitor


True Plug & Play with Auto-Pair Technology – Just Plug the Power and working temperature is -10 degree celcius to 50 degree celcius



All-in-One HD Wireless CCTV Security System

 It is True HD auto-pair cctv system. It is just plug-in and play type. You will only need to mount the cameras, plug the power and just turn the DVR on. It automatically pairs each other and your system setup will be done in 5-minutes. You will no longer have any headache even if you are not a CCTV expert.




All-in-One Standalone Wifi HD NVR System

Direct Wi-Fi Autopair System, auto paired wifi cameras with wifi NVR ok before shipping, easy setup withi 5 minutes.

Foldable Screen Built-In Monitor 10.1” LCD with HDMI port and allows  180 ° of tilt and 270 ° of rotate.




User-Friendly Remote View Setup

This security systems use Cloud-base remote view via smartphone, tablet, and PC.



High Performance True HD Camera

Weather Proof – The camera is IP66 waterproof level which allows the day/night and indoor/outdoor use. It has high resistance level against harsh weather condition.

Night Vision – The three Array IRs known as Super LEDs will record upto 80ft clear night vision. Each Array IR equals to small regular 24LED night vision.

Digital Zoom – Digital Zoom let you enlarge the picture and get more detailed view



Built-in 10.1″ monitor

4Ch Wireless HD NVR with built-in router

Hi-Gain Antenna

Wireless distance: up to 350ft in open area

Camera and NVR Auto-Pair

HD outputs: up to 1080p

Real time live view, 4Ch sync-playback at 15 fps

Support 1 SATA 3.5″ HDD, support up to 4TB

Motion email alerts

Easy remote access from anywhere anytime

Remote playback videos in HDD from mobile

Digital zoom available

Power supply: DC 12V 3A

Operation temperature: -10C~55C

Size: 258 x 210 x 42 mm



True HD wireless camera

Hi-Gain Antenna

4mm lens for wide angle view

3 LED arrays IR distance up to 100ft (Night Vision)

Solid made IP66 cameras

Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n

Anti-thunder level: Standard IEC61000-4-5

Working temperature: -10C ~ 50C

Power supply: 12V 1A

Size: 205 x 70 x 55mm


Package Includes:

1x 4Ch Wireless True HD NVR with built-in 10.1″ monitor

2x System Antenna

4x  Camera Antenna

4x Wireless True HD cameras

1x DC 12V 3A Power adapter for NVR

4x DC 12V 1A Power adapter for cameras

4x Power extension cable

1x Network cable

1x mouse

1x user guide

HDD is not included

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